Our Training

Throughout our 5 year apprenticeship program students will receive over 880 classroom hours and 7500 On-the-Job hours of specialized training, and earn industry-recognized certifications in the following scopes of work related to the Sheet Metal trade.

1. Commercial HVAC:

2. Industrial Welding:

3. Architectural Sheet Metal:

Architectural sheet metal is a combination of technical skills and artistry. The shaping of metal into functional and beautiful forms is a centuries-old craft. An architectural sheet metal worker is a person who does the installation, welding, burning, cutting, layout, caulking, fastening, repair, hoisting and rigging of metal and translucent sheets, insulation, ventilators, flashings, gutters, louvers, soffits, skylights, and metal doors associated with the construction of buildings.

4. Testing, Adjusting & Balancing of Environmental Systems:

5. CAD Detailing (Computer-Aided Design):

6. Service and Refrigeration Technology:

7. Sheet Metal Roofing:

This course is designed to provide the student with a basic knowledge of the different types of Architectural Sheet Metal Roofing systems, fundamentals of reading Architectural Sheet Metal Roofing System details, drawings and other related construction documents, job safety and fall protection, job planning, field verifying/measuring/inspection/layout of metal roofing, material handling and lifting, field sketching, layout and fabrication of selected roof drainage and flashing components.

8. HVAC Fire-Life Safety:

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